I can't express enough how awesome The Rawson Partnership has been to work with. #John Rawson #mirrorawardin #northernIrelandawardin #Irerishhairdressingawardin
Candice Wyatt-Minter, Wyatt Hairdressing, South Africa

Working with the Rawson Partnership team was fantastic experience. John immediately made me feel at ease and comfortable. His open approach made me able to express my artistic ideals for the project. John's understanding of hair allowed me to use him as a creative sounding board. Cant wait for our next project together."
Candice Wyatt-Minter, Wyatt Hairdressing, South Africa

"John is not only incredibly talented, but is very kind hearted and puts you at so much ease even during a stressful time during a shoot. From the very beginning of communicating and plotting, through all the way to the end of finalizing the images, John is consistently very professional, efficient, and motivating. His creative eyes and abilities has definitely brought my visions come to life so beautifully in a way I never thought it could."
Mio Sota @ Trio, Chicago

"Working with John and all of his team is such a complete dream! The communications from the office and myself was always punctual, even to letting me know when they would be away- but still responded when possible! Working with John was a wonderful experience, especially being our first time together. He gave me such a down to earth, low key vibe, but creates such strong and stunning images! I instantly knew when I started seeing the images that this was going to be a brilliant shoot- and it was! John was able to give me great ideas and suggestions, and worked fabulously with all of the models- both seasoned and new faces, which is a talent in itself. I enjoyed working with him so much, I've already recommended him to many other friends and co-workers- and they are all just as excited to work with him soon as well!!"
Chad Demchuk, Dallas, USA

"John I want to thank you for an amazing photo shoot your creativity and photography brought the best out of my work in this year collection! :)) You made all the difference my dear friend!!!"
Alain Pereque, Saco, Canada

"Absolutely amazing day shooting my new collection I can honestly say it is my best yet by far! I couldn't do it with out my amazing team, you all killed it. You and Paul did amazing absolutely love working with you guys"
Sal Misseri, Chicago, USA

"Words cannot express how thankful and grateful my wife and I are to have worked with you all a few weeks ago. I love the way that you all worked so cohesively, welcomed us with open arms, and integrated your visions and inspirations with ours.

John, it was so nice to be able to work with someone who could read my mind and produce such stunning photographs. You have continued to inspire me, ever since I first started hairdressing school in London, and working with you further demonstrated your natural eye for beauty and expertise in this field.

Gaynor and Paul - Thank you so much for planning, organizing, and doing all the little things that were essentially for the efficiency of the photoshoot, I really appreciate everything that you both have done!"
Silas & Dorothy Tsang, Canada

"It has been an amazing weekend!! Photo shoot is done!! I want to thank all the wonderful and talented people that help and participated. My amazing partner Richard Ashforth, John Rawson and Paul Gill for this fantastic shoot for my team. Thank You all!!"
Alain Pereque, Saco, Canada
Winner NAHA Hairstylist of the Year 2014

"John is a very open minded photographer who listens to our objectives. His photography has been instrumental in helping us create award-winning photographic collections and gain recognition with prestigious accolades at the British Hairdressing Awards. His approachable nature and down to earth style makes him a joy to work with and his ability to bring our vision and concepts to life means that we always know we are working with a true expert. John’s a perfectionist, whose photographic work is always executed to the highest of standards”
Akin Konizi, HJ’s British Hairdresser of the Year and Hob’s International Creative Director

“John’s knowledge of hair is second to none and therefore the perfect complement to his creative eye. He knows where to find the beauty in a model and then deliver that in the final image. Models love working with him as do all my team and frankly I wouldn’t work with anyone else.”
Sean Dawson, HOB Salons
Winner London Hairdresser of the Year 2013
Winner HOB Artistic Team BHA 2008, 2009 & 2010

“We have been shooting our collections with John for 10 years and every shoot strengthens our relationship and mutual understanding. To balance what is an extremely professional set up, John and his team bring a relaxed energy to the studio/shoots. His eye for shape and light enables a strength and beauty in his images, which allows us to push the boundaries with our photographic work. Although John’s history as a hairdresser adds greatly to any hair shoot his work crosses over to fashion effortlessly.”
Sharon Peake & Adam Bryant, Ethos
Winner North Western Hairdresser of the Year 2009, 2010 & 2011 & Hall of Fame (Sharon Peake)
Winner North Western Hairdresser of the Year 2013 (Adam Bryant)
Winner Colour Technician of the Year 2013 (Sharon Peake & Adam Bryant)

“I have only just started working with John Rawson from The Rawson Partnership but on our first meeting we immediately clicked. I knew then that the images he would shoot for my hair competition would be great! but I was blown away as they turned out to be absolutely amazing!!! Having worked with a number of known photographers that I thought were good look insignificant to John, he is what is known as a true professional, a rarity not only is he a visionary genius but his finished photography work of hair is the best I’ve ever seen. So if you’re looking for high-end imagery I would highly recommend working with him any day of the week.”
Charlotte Mensah
Winner Afro Hairdresser of the Year BHA 2013 & 2014

"Working with John this year for the first time has been an amazing process. Right from the very beginning when my collection was at the concept stage John and his team have been there to offer advice and fresh ideas. My shoot this year was definitely one of my least stressful and most enjoyable as I felt I was in a safe hands. I am overjoyed with the results and the collection as a whole (which up until now has always been an issue for me). To top it off he is a great guy who instantly puts you at your ease but will also push you creatively to get the best shot you could ever hope for."
Andrew Mulvenna, Andrew Mulvenna Salons
Finalist Northern Ireland Hairdresser of the Year BHA 2013

“We have worked with John & ‘The Dream Team’ for three years now, firstly being nominated for Midland's Hairdresser of the Year 2010 & 2011 and then WINNING in 2012!!! All our collections have been widely used in the press, resulting in front several covers. John's artistic eye & straight talking approach have helped turn our visions into reality & it is evident in how our collections have grown year on year. As an impatient perfectionist, it is a delight to work with such a patient perfectionist!”
Sarah & Adrian Bowron, Aesthetics
Winner Midlands Hairdresser of the Year BHA 2012 (Finalist BHA 2010, 2011 & 2013)

"Working with John and his team on my BHAs photo shoot is seamless and professional; from model selection right through to final image choices. This, in turn, enables me and my team to focus fully on creating beautiful, potentially award winning hair. I love my shoot day!"
Kerry Mather, KJM Salons
Finalist Southern Hairdresser of the Year BHA 2013

“Over the last 5 years my time with John has become better and better, he always understands your objectives and gives sound advice from both his experience as a superb photographer but also as a highly experienced hairdresser himself. His valuable support from casting to shoot days, he is always there to help take away any excess pressure you may be feeling! Not only do I admire John for his down to earth nature and his attention to detail but I have also become to class John as a true friend and I thank him for all his help over the last few years. I look forward to working together again!”
Gary Taylor, Edward & Co
Winner North Western Hairdresser of the Year BHA 2012 & Finalist BHA 2010

"It's my second year working with John and in that time Johns photography has got myself and my team to two regional finals and one UK final! We could not have done this without The Rawson Partnership, tailoring and taking the stress out of the shoot. We are now aiming for the BHA with The Rawson Partnership behind us and I know this can be achieved"
Paul Fitzgerald, PR Hair
2012 UK Trend Vision Finalist

“John is an Inspiration to work with, he takes your vision and turns it into a reality, not missing any of the invisible detail which results in fantastic results. I am very excited to be a finalist for BHA for the second time of working with John.”
Gemma Hensman, Hensmans
Finalist Eastern Hairdresser of the Year BHA 2012 & 2013

“My advice to anyone looking to work with John for the first time, is listen to him.”
Julie Hensman, Hensmans

“Working with The Rawson Partnership is as close as you can get to guaranteeing a successful photo shoot. Advice, input and opinions to get the very best for you are forthcoming, from advice on models to actually fine tuning the photos you get nothing but 110% commitment from John and his team. Year after year they have helped us produce great results.”
Hannah Gordon, Paul Gordon Salon
Finalist North Eastern Hairdresser of the Year BHA 2011, 2012 & 2013

“All the way from Japan to UK is quite long distance and take so much time. Also there are many hairdressing photographers in Japan BUT it is definitely worthwhile to shoot with John. I could see a different level of a hairdressing photography, his work is smart and effective and we can expect satisfying results.
If you wish to stand out from the crowd definitely shoot with John, as a result I am a finalist in the Japanese Hair Awards with my collection featured in worldwide magazines... Absolutely amazing!!”
Shogo Ideguchi, Fabric Salon, Japan
Finalist Japanese Hairdressing Awards 2013

“What could have been a total nightmare, shooting during the first week of the Olympics, turned into breeze with the support of The Rawson Partnership. Most important was the attention to detail on the adventure of putting all the elements of the shoot together and providing a great overview of all the best faces in London with John Rawson’s recommendations at the model casting.
Communication was very strong and the look and feel of the shoot was established easily as John has a very strong sense of fashion & style with a fantastic eye and gets beautiful looks very quickly”.
Tim Hartley, British Hairdresser of the Year Nominee 2012

"I was really impressed with the expertise and skill John brought to our shoot it enabled us to focus on the job in hand with full creative freedom."
Mark Woolley, Electric Hairdressing

"The team at the Rawson Partnership are a joy to work with and they take away all the strain of co-ordinating a photographic shoot. It is fantastic to work with such organised professionals who produce such beautiful pictures."
Linda Stewart, Rainbow Room International
Winner - Scottish Hairdresser of the Year 2011 (Finalist 2010 & 2012)[/

"The Rawson Partnership not only helps their clients create and publish amazing imagery but they clearly take the time to understand their clients’ entire business and talk knowledgeably about whom might be relevant to my features. They respond quickly and no request is ever too much. Thanks for all your help!”•
Rachel Gould, Five Point Alliance

"I’ve been lucky enough to work with John on some high profile creative campaigns for a number of leading professional haircare brands. He’s the very best; his work is outstanding and he’s a delight to work with.”
Sara Botham, Sara Botham Marketing Communications

"Endorsements often sound a bit flakey, but this is one I can set about with gusto! I've worked with John for the past 9 years......through major manufacturers, session-savvy hairdressers and shoots with those who are just starting out on the photographic journey. The stand-out that John has is that whoever he works with feel on top of the world when they leave that shoot and secure in the knowledge that they have produced shots that have delivered on their objectives. John's experience, unsurpassed photographic skills and fantastic post-production are all great reasons to work with him and the team"
Louise Wood, LWPR

“The results I've had from working with The Rawson Partnership have been beyond my expectations. The quality of my photographic collections are second to none and have raised my profile within the industry, leading to being a British Hairdressing Awards finalist and also winning industry awards. John has encouraged me to push my boundaries and given me some self-belief in my work. The support I get from John and Gaynor is outstanding and my collections are now in print worldwide.”
Melenie Tudor, En Route Hair & Beauty
Finalist North Western Hairdresser of the Year BHA 2008, 2009, 2010 & 2012

“Having worked with John & the Team I can say that the effect on our business has been staggering! We have increased our turnover and image beyond our wildest expectations”
Clive Boon, Boons, Retford
Winner Eastern Hairdresser of the Year BHA 2007 & Winner Creative Head Most Wanted Hair Trend Awards 2007

“Simply the Best!”
Kazahide Inoue, FiberZoom Japan
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